Friday, May 12, 2006

don't say nature has no sense of humor

Last Sunday, I went canoeing with my friend Danger. We go at least once every summer.

There are always dozens of turtles sunning themselves on logs along the sides of the river channel, and they usually bail out when a canoe goes by. We were coming around a bend, and I noticed some turtles dropping off of a log that was angled up about two feet above the water. I started to point it out to Danger, and then we heard this giant "PLOOOOMP!" from over near the right bank. We whipped around to look, in time to see a big splash falling back down, which only could've been made by something dropping from a tree limb about three or four feet up.

We started to say, "What was that?!" but before we could finish, something reached the bank and clawed its way out of the river.

It was a squirrel.

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