Thursday, June 08, 2006

P.S. The Cat Came Back

I was scrolling through the non-infinite-cat content of the Infinite Cat Project website when I noticed that the site offers this cartoon:

A friend of mine had a VHS copy of this cartoon in high school, and I can still fondly recall watching it and rewinding it about seven times to hear the cat's first goofy "MEW!"

You can see it by going to the Infinite Cat Project page, or by going here.


I decided on Tuesday night that I'm definitely going to try to go on another kayaking trip over 4th of July weekend. This morning I had a kayaking dream, but there were no low-head dams involved...only play-surfing on GIANT rolling waves that had no business being in a river. But I'm not going to argue the logic, because it was a really fun dream.


  1. i love that cartoon! it was awesome!

  2. I just sent the link on to my neighbor! Bet she'll love it.

    Kayaking? Mucho impressive. Hope your "super cool" hubby goes with, at least to protect you from those low-lying bridges and what not :>) Have fun!

  3. Okay, my bad. I figure a low-lying bridge is just as dangerous as your low-head dam (a what?!)

    BTW, I have a very good friend who happens to be a geology professor AND one heckuva creative writer! So you're not alone in the world :>)

  4. Wow, another left brain / right brain person! Neat! :) In college, my liberal arts friends were aghast that I actually liked science, and my science friends hated that I loved essay tests. Best of both worlds, baby!

    Alas, my husband is not permitted to kayak, as he cannot swim. He makes a great canoeing buddy, though! :)