Thursday, June 01, 2006

There shined a shiny demon!

It's probably a good thing no one told me that marriage would be hanging out with your best-est of best friends, singing along to Tenacious D's "Tribute" in the car, developing an extensive repertoire of movie quotes and dumb-but-hilarious in-jokes, and sometimes laughing at each other until tears run down your face. If they had, I probably would've done a lot more pining back when I was single.

Of course, it's probably also a good thing that no one ever told me I would one day have the following discussion with my beloved:

MB: Holy shit! Look at my toenails!

VBG: *hopes she misheard*

MB: Look at them!

VBG: *tries not to look*

MB: *presents foot* Look! They're so long!


MB: No, it's cool! *reverently inspects grody toenails*

VBG: EWAH!! I can't believe you're showing me your toenails!

MB: They're so long! And pointy!

VBG: *throws up a little* Go cut them!

MB: No...*eyes glaze over slightly* They're so cool...

Cuz they're fast!

Please visit the painfully hilarious bad baby names section of Not Without My Handbag.

The resemblance, it is uncanny...

For photos of animals that don't resemble my resident evil mastermind adorable loving pet, go here.

If nothing else, look because there is an aardvark. Named Paatsy. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

Make sure you scroll down, in order to enjoy the full array of animal slide shows.

Reading: Widdershins by Charles de Lint, Mort by Terry Pratchett

Playing: a mellow mix CD at home & Flogging Molly at work

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