Monday, July 17, 2006

Lame Excuses at 2 AM

I know I promised that I'd write about North Carolina. I actually have wanted to write about it for over a week, but life has conspired against me. Cue lame excuses:

1. MB and I have spent all of our free evenings watching House on DVD (Dude...Dr. House...¡Te amo!). We finally watched the last episode at 11 PM tonight, so I can finally take the set back to the library tomorrow, 12 days after it was due. There was no freaking way I was returning it until we'd seen every episode.

2. From sometime on Saturday until Tuesday afternoon, our shower didn't shower so much as dribble in a slightly embarrassed way, so I had to go over to my parents' house whenever I felt the need to practice personal hygiene. My usual M.O. is to shower in the late evening, throw on my pjs, and plop down in front of Blogger a few moments later. Instead, I would drive over to my parents' house (about 3 minutes away), chat with whoever happened to be home at the time, shower, chat with whoever was home / had turned up since I got there, and drive home about an hour and a half after I arrived. The shower is fixed now, though there are still a few eccentricities. The new showerhead is a little bit strange (and probably a lot bit cheap), and somehow whenever I adjust it to pour directly down on top of my head for maximum hair rinseage, it manages to send a trickle of water directly up my left nostril and into my sinus cavity. Cheap and gravity-defying!

3. I have been thinking Deep Thoughts lately, which made it hard to sit down and write what I planned to be a lighthearted, amusing tale of our adventures. Stupid Deep Thoughts! Jeez.

4. When I finally did get in the right frame of mind and have the time to sit down, Blogger started getting lippy about uploading photos. It took 2 1/2 sessions to get all the photos I wanted uploaded, and by the time I got the last one added last night, I was too tired to add text.

5. I've somehow managed to have quite a few nights of actual plans involving other people--sometimes involving other people, out in public!--over the last two weeks, so that's assisted Dr. House in keeping me away from the keyboard.

6. Um...that's all I've got, other than: I am lame.

Hopefully, the trip recap and the Deep Thoughts posts will follow shortly.

Reading: Mommy Wars, edited by Leslie Morgan Steiner (yes, still...see above excuses for explanation of crappy reading progression of late), Pyramids by Terry Pratchett

Playing: Delta Momma Blues by Townes Van Zandt (This version. It seems there might be two albums with the same name but totally different track listings.)

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