Monday, August 21, 2006

I is for Ichthyosaur

"Is your baby a nerd? Of course not, there's no such thing as a nerd baby and everyone knows that labeling children is bad and wrong. But if you're a nerd or a geek or heaven forbid a chemical engineer, there's a good chance that your baby will grow up to be at least a little bit nerdy. I mean, the genetics are there.. so why fight it?"

I long for these. I lust after them. I may, in fact, need them.

Can't you picture these hanging on the wall in a playroom? a playroom belonging to the offspring of a geologist and an engineer. A playroom that will probably be filled to the brim with really geeky educational toys.

At least our kids will be upholding a fine family tradition...I was going through some old photographs at my parents' house last Friday, and came across a picture from Christmas morning the year I was three. I was unwrapping some kind of toddler-appropriate construction set. How cool (but nerdy) is that?

My heart is happy.

After writing about the Christmas photo, I dug out the other pictures I brought back with me from the house. Here is one of my very favorite photos of all time:

The caption on the back, in my mom's handwriting, reads: "May 1983. Dad (32 yrs) & Velocibadgergirl (26 months) doing paperwork."

Every evening, my dad had to fill out paperwork for his job. I wonder how many times I insisted upon sitting beside my dad while he worked. I wonder if he remembers this night.

Reading: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold, Moving Pictures by Terry Pratchett

Playing: Drunken Lullabies and Within a Mile of Home by Flogging Molly


  1. evilducky7711:45 AM

    super cute.

  2. What a sweet picture of you and your dad.

    (and I LOVE the alphabet cards. Too cute!!)

  3. you will need those cards in a few years, since you plan to reproduce. sometimes i see cool things like that, or tiny vans shoes with bats on them, and i think having a kid would be cool.

    then i remember that dogs are better, because you are under no obligation to make your dog into a respectable and functioning adult. plus, dogs are much harder to scar emotionally and psychologically. since dogs don't know english, you can swear at them all day if you're frustrated and they don't even know as long as you don't use your angry voice.

    i've never actually sworn at the dog all day, but i have been known to say things like, "you're a real pain in the ass some time, you know that?" and that's probably not the kind of thing toddlers need to hear. so i hope you don't mind your kids getting bat shoes as gifts.