Tuesday, August 29, 2006

MB just got done watching a movie on the Oxygen channel

You know, that channel for women? Yeah. I didn't laugh at him, though. I couldn't, because he was watching Ten Things I Hate About You, and if I laughed he'd probably change the channel, and hello? Heath Ledger = The Hotness:

Julia Stiles rocks, too.

Then the movie ended, and MB flipped through all seventy billion cable channels, finding nothing to hold his interest. The following conversation ensued:

MB: Would you put in a movie for me?

VBG: Sure. *Gets up and goes toward television* What do you want to watch?

MB: Really, I want to watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent or SVU, but neither one is on right now.

VBG: Seriously? Not on any channel? (there's usually a marathon of one or the other or both on at any given time)

MB: Nope.

VBG: Huh.

MB: *listlessly flips through a few more channels* Wait. Never mind. Bob Ross is on.

VBG: You're going to watch this?

MB: *utter disbelief* It's BOB ROSS!

VBG: Hey, that's cool. Embrace it, man. Happy little clouds.

So my husband is now watching Bob Ross. And just now? This happened:

MB: Look! It's a squirrel!

VBG: *whips around to stare at television* He's not painting a squirrel. *TV shows close-up of squirrel* Oh.

MB: It's in his hair.

VBG: *thinks MB is kidding, laughs*

*shot widens to show squirrel actually wandering around in Bob Ross's hair*

VBG: Wow. Um.

Here's some proof that I did not hallucinate: Bob Ross Feeds a Squirrel (YouTube)

Happy little clouds, ya'll. Remember, there are no mistakes; just happy accidents.

Reading: Meg Cabot's Mediator series. It's young adult fiction, but very good, and I have a serious book nerd crush on Jesse the complete hottie ghost. I read a review indicating that the sixth book in the series is the final book, which makes me sad.

Playing: The Haunting by Clandestine

1 comment:

  1. three things:

    1.) hell yes about heath ledger's massive hotness. really choice pics, by the way.

    2.) bob ross is totally awesome. a little crazy sure, but fabulous. i remember him having an orphan squirrel, but i never say it frolic in his hair. that had to be funny.

    3.) i was totally trying to figure out what you guys were doing up at 3:00 am until i say the post time and remembered that most channels repeat everything at night. because 10 things was on until 3, when bob ross comes on.