Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Leak Report, continued

9:25 AM   It's worse. It's practically a gentle spring shower in the full bath. The carpet is sloggy and squishy and our walk-in closet already stinks of mildew. Goddammit.

~12:30 PM   Called MB and asked if the maintenance guy had been by; he hadn't. Asked MB to call the landlord and explain that it was getting much worse. Hoped it would make a difference.

~1:45 PM   Called MB again. Found out he hadn't called the landlord, because he didn't have the number. Even though I've given it to him twice in the past year in similar situations. Pause to collect pieces of exploded cranium. Give MB landlord's number and "suggest" that he call.

~3:25 PM   Call once more. All is well. The maintenance man has fixed whatever it was that was causing the ceiling to hemorrhage (though I guess we'll never know what it was, since SOMEONE neglected to ask) and has used some kind of "industrial strength hose thing" to suck the water up out of the carpet.

5:00 PM   Arrive home to find carpet still damp and squooshy, but bearing signs of obvious effort to correct the problem. This time around they also left a box fan to help with the drying process.

Currently: Burning candles and hoping things return to a pleasantly mildew-smell-free state as soon as possible; listening to MB watching Men in Black and reveling in the fabulousness that is Tommy Lee Jones's line delivery.


  1. since you seem to be having more and more of these problems as time goes on, i think if i were you i might redouble my efforts to have down payemnt money when the lease runs out.

  2. Evilducky773:23 PM

    Psh, at least they aren't having to pay for repairs out of pocket! Homeownership isn't all sunshine and rainbows. . .