Monday, October 16, 2006

Thank Heavens for the Internet

I talked briefly with my friend KW today on Google chat (which totally rocks my socks). I asked her what kind of weather MB and I should expect in Washington next week, and mentioned that we'd be spending one day on the coast. She asked where we were planning to go, so I told her that I really wanted to go see Point of the Arches, which seems to be a somewhat obscure destination. I only knew about it because I stumbled across it on some internet site a few months ago.

I attempted to find a good website to link her to, because I wanted her to see the sea stacks that made me want to visit that spot in the first place.

Instead, I found this site, which offered this information about the trail down to Point of the Arches: "Preview: A 13.4-mile backpack from Ozette Lake to the north end of Shi Shi Beach. This route covers a wild and beautiful stretch of coastline north of Ozette Lake. There are some steep climbs aided by fixed ropes near Will Point. The former northern access to Shi Shi Beach is no longer open to the public, so travelers to Point of the Arches must count on returning by the same route that they came."

26.8 miles round trip with "steep climbs" that require "fixed ropes"? I like adventure, but not that much adventure.

I'm thinking this might be more our speed:

Third Beach

Ecosystem type: Coastal Forest and Ocean Beach
Trail tread types: Well maintained
General elevation trend: Flat
River crossings: None
Unique features: Ocean views, sea stacks (offshore land formations). There are excellent opportunities to view bald eagles and seals, and bird life is common on sea stacks. Whale migration occurs in March/April and October.
Level of difficulty: Easy
Distance: 1.4 mile

And look! Sea stacks!

This? Is awesome.


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