Friday, November 03, 2006

A buckeye for luck

Does anyone else carry around a buckeye nut for luck? Has anyone else even heard of this?

I don't know how I know that buckeyes are supposed to be good luck. It's one of those things that it seems like I always vaguely knew.

I have a buckeye in the bottom of my purse, which I've carried around with me ever since a girl in my Alchemy, Magic, & Mysticism class in college passed them out as part of her final presentation. (How cool is it that I actually got to take that class, by the way?)

Just now, I was picking up the cat's toys and returning them to their basket, and found a buckeye nut on the floor. I figured it must've fallen out of my purse while I was packing for our trip, but when I went to check, my purse-buckeye was still in residence. Odd. I wonder where it came from...

This site says that "buckeyes certainly recall in miniature the idealized, smooth, beautiful, firm testicles of men." I am definitely not sure about all of that.

When I Googled "buckeye nut luck," I found this wikipedia article, which includes "A bird defecating on one's head" in the list of things that are lucky.

Maybe I should give the nut back to the cat after all...

"I don't need your silly nut. As a white cat,
I make my own good luck wherever I go."


  1. i don't think the kitters should have a buckeye. while they may be considered lucky, and tasty candy is made to look like them, they are poisonous.

  2. Ah...good call! Even though I don't think he'd actually chew it, I'll put it somewhere out of his reach.

  3. I have never heard about this. Very interesting...

  4. I think there's somthing about buckeyes being lucky in the book Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts.

    I was thinking you should send the mystery buckeye to our old friend Dot, because she could probably use some luck over there, and she's always been a fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, but her address doesn't seem to work anymore. :/

  5. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Buck eye trees and nuts are thought to be good luck because the trees are very tempermental and can only grow in very good soil and very good climates. Having a tree live long enough to produce the nuts was considered very lucky in early times. It's a sign of luck, prosperity and fertility. Enjoy.