Wednesday, November 15, 2006

From cable TV to castles in 300 words or less

I thought that Wednesday TV watching would be sad and empty for me after the end of Project Runway, but I have found a new obsession interest:  Ghost Hunters on Sci Fi. Dude. LOVE this show. I watched it once or twice last year and thought it was kind of lame, but lately it's been really good. I totally dig all of the crew, except Brian, and he's not as obnoxious as he used to be, I don't think.

I don't even know why I'm into shows like this, because I get creeped out so easily and then my imagination goes into overdrive for hours afterward. MB and I also watch the "A Haunting" specials on the Travel Channel, which are creepy but just reenactments, when in theory Ghost Hunters is somewhat real.

There are still semi-lame episodes where nothing happens, but there have been a few highly decent ones lately. The 6+ hour live Stanley Hotel piece they did on Halloween would've been a giant time suck to watch all the way through, but the one-hour recap of the best stuff they got that night was really excellently creepy.

There was also a fabulous one done at the Birdcage Hotel in Tombstone, AZ, a few weeks ago, so either of those would be totally worth it to catch in reruns if you're even remotely into ghost stuff.

Tonight's episode was pretty cool. There wasn't as much paranormal sightings as I hoped there would be, but there was definitely stuff going on there. It also rocked extra since they were investigating Leap Castle in Ireland.

The castle bonus points alone elevated the episode to better than average, because castles RULE. I actually got to visit one, once--Dover Castle in England. I even have some semi-crappy, severely pre-digital photos!

This is me (at 18), sitting in a window alcove in the gatehouse thingie

We were told that this was a Roman lighthouse dating to
1 AD, but according to several articles I read tonight, the Romans
didn't invade until 43 AD. This article puts the lighthouse's construction at about 50 AD.

Speaking of castles and creepy, I'm still working on Robin McKinley's Sunshine, and it is SO GOOD. I enthusiastically recommend it for anyone looking for an extremely well-written and non-cheesy vampire story.


  1. Dude...Ghost Hunters is my show. I love it, and have for over a year. It's the show that caused me to post my blog for today early-ish. :)

  2. i think dover was one of the coolest places we went, and damn did we go to some cool places on that trip.