Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm in ur blogosphere, boring u silly

velocibadgergirl:  what should I blog about?

bibliophile:  pocket lint

velocibadgergirl:  um, no

bibliophile:  toe jam?

velocibadgergirl:  dude, I'm so not talking to you anymore

Seriously, though...I'm feeling all blog-blocked and shit tonight. So, um...linkies?

bizarrely captioned and somewhat amusing cat pictures, thanks to basscomm

Some favorites:

I asked, "So where did this 'I'm In Ur ____, doing ____ ' thing start, anyway?"

And basscomm, always helpful, sent another link.

Excerpt: "Two players (one unnamed, the other known as 1337h4x (leetspeak for "Fucking Nerd") are in a game of Starcraft, with 1337h4x playing as the Zerg race, and the other as either the Terran or Protoss races. 1337h4x Zerg-rushed his opponent, and on finding that he was getting raped, his opponent asked:

n00b:  dude, where are you?

1337h4x:  im in ur base, killing ur d00ds"

God, the internet has bred some serious weird. Funny weird, but weird.


  1. heehee, haha @ all of it

  2. I can't help but think of Gilgamesh when I see "leetspeak" (or 133tsp34k), since either he was the king of Ur, or his buddy was from there...cuz I still don't (even though I'm halfway decent at 133t) read "ur" as "your" or "you're". It's one of those "Yes, I can speak and read English...can't you??" kinda things. Or "Just how fucking lazy are you? It's only two more letters, dumbass!"

    But the cat in the fridge was pretty damn funny.

  3. Hey, what the hell is leetspeak, anyway?

  4. Here's a graphical representation of l33t if you want.

  5. dammit, i about peed myself at the fridge cat. that facial expression is priceless.

  6. omg, checked the link out, must send my brother cat picture comments on myspace.

  7. Is it bad that I actually could read most of that comic strip? I'm not even 133t...just good at puzzles.

  8. Anonymous3:38 PM

    all I have to say is "U IS NOT A WORD".

    That is all. *sigh*

    Oh. And the cats? Slay me.

  9. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Whole-eee crap did I need that! It was absolutely, freaking hilarious, even if the geek speak is a bit beyond me. Thanks for the gutbusting laugh, I certainly needed it.