Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Trip Recap #6:  A sandwich for the ages.

Over the course of our three days at Olympic National Park, we ate PB&J sandwiches in some pretty awesome places.

Sandwich spot, day one:  under a giant western hemlock tree in the temperate rainforest.

Sandwich spot, day two:  on a rock looking out over the Pacific Ocean.

Sandwich spot, day three:  an overlook with a crazy view.

The contrast between the everyday peanut butter and strawberry jam on white bread and our ridiculously incredible surroundings was interesting. It made our PB&Js seem almost mythic.

The lunch view on day three was a result of our drive up to visit Hurricane Ridge. We'd planned to do some hiking, but the mountaintop was almost completely wrapped in fog / a low-hanging cloud when we got up to the visitors' center, and it was snowing. Just a little, but snow is snow. We watched the educational video inside the visitors' center and then headed back down the mountain. It was sort of disappointing to have to miss the views from the top of Hurricance Ridge, but the drive up and then back down the mountain did its best to make up for it:

As usual, Shutterfly has a few more photos.

After a leisurely drive back to Seattle, we visited the Archie McPhee store. It was very...random. I snapped this picture at the More McPhee store for evilducky:

Then we got very, very lost trying to find our hotel at Sea-Tac. It did not rock at all. It sucked a donkey's you-know-whats, to be honest.

But we eventually made it to the hotel, safe and sound, which rocked a lot.

a really cool rainforest picture, somehow overlooked earlier this week

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