Friday, February 23, 2007

True Friendship, Defined

True friendship is loving someone enough to go out to the mall and scour the clearance racks, then try on and purchase various long-line tank tops for her to layer under her work shirts, so that she can avoid the dreaded strip of exposed tummy / back skin that happens when your pants migrate south and your shirt heads north, while--most importantly--allowing her to avoid shopping, her one True Hate in the world. Luckily, I am the clearance champion, and I also do well when I have a mission to motivate me. Besides, Danger? She's a friend worth trying on clothes for...and that's saying something. She stopped by after work and tried on all the shirts, and all but two were good finds. Hooray! Next mission:  find a decent and flattering bridesmaid's dress for her by April. Something tells me I'm the right operative for the job. Danger, if you ever become a massage therapist for the stars, please consider me when choosing a personal stylist. I think I'd be up for the challenge. ;)

More Clearance Champion-ness (for the divine Miss M)

While I was out working on completing the mission of mercy yesterday, I hit the clearance racks at Kohl's again, for what will probably be the last time for a long time. I need to stop spending money on spawn clothes. The last hurrah:

Space jammies? SQUEE! MB wants to do a space-themed nursery when the time comes, so I pretty much had to get these. Size 3T, large white cat for scale.

Mental image of a small badgerchild toddling about in a hoodie bearing MB's favorite comic book character of all time? Priceless! Okay, not really. But worth $9.60. (ABSURD, since I won't pay that much for a shirt for myself.)

I also got two pairs of work pants for myself ($9.50 and $5.50) and two pairs of cute, cute corduroy cargo pants for $5.99 each.

In the clearance section at Hot Topic, I got this hilarious hat for R, because I knew he'd appreciate the hilarity (and he did):

I got this pretty wallet / pouch thing for my sister, and then promptly forgot all about it when I went to meet her for dinner two hours later:

And I found this somewhat sweet-ass shirt for ten bucks for MB, who's currently really into all things samurai:

(Except I'm an idiot and didn't realize until JUST NOW that the samurai has a guitar. Hmm...oops. That would explain why he wasn't as excited about it as I expected. I think I'll offer to return it, just in case. Damn.)

Reading: In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner


  1. Dude, I have that samurai shirt, too, bought on clearance. And I didn't realize til after I bought it that he was holding a guitar, too. But that's cool with me, cuz I like music, too.

  2. did they have any baby clothes? because since i saw it last night and then forgot to tell you, the nightmare before christmas toddler hoodie went out of stock on the website. and it was like 4 bucks. i totally would have just bought it for you, but everything i wanted was out of stock, so i had no order to tack it onto.

  3. I'm just most disturbed that I cannot see the pics which seem to be attached to this posting. *sigh*

    You rule oh clearance girl. You and I would be pure terror together.

    And space theme for futurekid? BRILLIANT! WEEEEE!

    Additionally, I've been known to find something for the child folk (rarely, but still) at such a crazy price as $9.60 when I won't spend more than, oooooh, $7 on myself as well. Sometimes you HAVE to. unfortunately for everyone around me I must then wail and whine and sigh heavily for hours about spending SIX FREAKING DOLLARS ON A TSHIRT FOR THE CHILD EVEN THOUGH IT'S SOOOOOOOO CUTE! WHAT KIND OF MORON PAYS $22? OUTRAGEOUS RIP OFF BASTARDS....and that's the short version.

  4. MeatWad got the money, see!
    MeatWad get the honey's see!

  5. "This is only gonna hurt once, but DAMN is it gonna hurt."

  6. Okay this post is SO MUCH BETTER now that I can see the pictures. The Samarai with guitar makes me laugh. A lot. Please tell me he kept it.

    And the space jammies? Make me swoon. And imagine a 3T sized creature in them! GAAAAAAAH! Heart explodes. freaking RULE offering me up your hangers (which Dawn offered up for you shortly before you told me. lol. I'd meant to email you.)

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