Wednesday, November 14, 2007


(stolen from falwyn at quaking aspen)

Dear sunset:  that weird creepy red / pink Apocalyptic-y thing you did the other night was really friggin' cool. Would it have killed you to do it on a day when I had my camera at work??

Dear giant work project:  Thank you so very much for turning out well, and thank you ever so much for finally (finally) coming to an end.

Dear first half of November:  Wait, where are you?

Dear Christmas:  Just take your time. Please.

Dear upstairs neighbor:  What the hell are you doing? Building furniture? Crushing rocks on the kitchen floor? Demolition? STFU, dude!

Dear Target:  You know I love you and always will. But why, for the love of sweet baby Jesus, do you make the spaces between your clothing racks so narrow? I must have a cart to buy large quantities of your product. If you make it impossible to get a cart through your product areas, I will not be able to buy as much of it.

Dear TAPS:  *heart!*

Dear NaBloPoMo friends, new and old:  You guys rock. I'm looking forward to December, when I'll have more time to explore the vast blogroll that we all call home.

Dear Project Runway:  Finally, at long last, you have returned to me! Oh, my precious, how I have missed you!


  1. I am in awe of your ability to constantly come up with interesting blog posts and am tempted to steal this one for my own blog.. would that be wrong? :)

  2. I can claim no credit, as I brazenly stole this one from Falwyn. So, steal away!