Sunday, December 16, 2007

Making a list, checking it twice

It's been all Christmas prep all the time around here for the last few days:

Baking Day #1

ornament factory

Secret Santa loot!

feline supervision

We're almost done shopping, and have one day of baking, one round of cooking, and a lot of cleaning to do before the festivities start. We'll have Christmas at MB's grandparents' on Saturday night, Thanksmas with the friendmily here on Sunday night, my family's Christmas and midnight Mass with my dad on Monday, and then open our own gifts and stockings on Tuesday. I have to say, I'm sort of loving the idea of Christmas as a four-day extravaganza.

How about you do you plan to celebrate?


  1. Oh, man, Kitters is furry.

    Please come help me bake. I'm dreading it.

  2. wow, you mean serious holiday business! i haven't even finished my christmas shopping, so i'm pretty sure i'm not going to get to the cookies until the 23rd or so.