Monday, January 14, 2008

couple seeking hot property

Twenty-something m/w couple seeks hot property for long term relationship. Must be stable and responsible, with no serious criminal record. Must be accepting of pets. Please no misrepresentations of physical attractiveness; we will find out. High-maintenance individuals need not apply.

Next time:  reviewing the applicants


  1. Oh, this will be fun!
    I like the looks of the character on the top row, middle, and next to last row, also middle.

  2. All these houses are so charming.

  3. I instantly liked 2nd row, first on the left!

    Also, not to toot my own blog, but I have an entry from a couple of years ago on the horrors of househunting in Seattle, during the housing boom, that you might find amusing:

  4. Tasmiya11:50 PM

    They are all so beautiful. What are fun time you will have choosing!