Saturday, January 05, 2008

See this white flag? I'm waving it!

I fell behind on my blogroll reading about two weeks before Christmas, and by the time I got un-busy enough to have browsing time, there were over 900 posts in my Google reader. I sat down one day and whittled it down to the mid-700s, but you people just will not. stop. blogging.

Needless to say, I am still behind. Please don't think I don't love you if you have written 213 posts with nary a comment from me. I do love you, and those jeans make your ass look fantastic. (See, I pay attention!) See you soon. I hope.


  1. This? Makes me laugh. I gave up and hit the 'all read' a few times and felt like scum.

    Somehow though? I'm back over 200. Son of a hell.

    Good luck my friend. Good luck.

  2. LOL. This is why I don't have a reader. All these bloggers and their damn Blog 365. Blogging every day!

    (Of course, I am guilty as well)

  3. I don't actually own any jeans...

  4. see, my neglecting my blog has really all been about making your life easier. :)