Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What the internet hath wrought

I am SO EXCITED, Y'ALL. Next Friday I am driving to Cleveland to meet up with my dear friend Tamsyn. It's a mini road trip and a visit all in one, since it's almost an entire day's drive to get there. I am SUPER PUMPED. I love road trips. I love Tamsyn. I may even love Ohio. While I'm there, we're going to shop and gossip and I am going to snarf down her deliciously cheeky ten-month-old son on toast.

I'm clearly not as kickass as Bossy, since I did not manage to find a sponsor for my trip, but this is still a trip that was born directly from events that were set in motion by the internetz.

You see, back in 2003, I was engaged to be married to the love of my life, my inspiration, and joined the Knot. Like most online forums, the Knot was (and is) often an enclave of heinous, heinous bitchery and bad behavior. At some point, one of the cooler girls on the board I frequented created an MSN board for Knot girls to hang out on. That quickly evolved into another enclave of heinous bitchery and bad behavior, so another girl created a second MSN board, this one private, and invited the nice girls and the funny girls (and one big dork, obvs.) to join. I met Tamsyn (and Chick and KittyB and a bunch of the other people I frequently mention here) on the Knot, and still hang with them on our MSN board.

On my way to Cleveland to meet up with Tamsyn, I hope to meet up with the apathetic one. I knew T.A.O. in high school, but we didn't really become friends in earnest rather than acquaintances with mutual friends until we started talking on old-school IM and realized we were both geology majors and Terry Pratchett fans. Score #2 for the internet. And then, on my way back home after my extended girls' weekend with Tamsyn, I'm going to spend an afternoon with the delightful Daisy Jo, a blogfriend I've never met in person.

I am taking my laptop with me, and I am assuming (hoping) my hotel will have free WiFi so I can blog while I'm there. I'm also going to attempt to log my journey on Twitter if anyone is interested.

Finally, if anyone is roughly located along the route from Louisville to Cincinnati to Columbus to Cleveland and wants to meet up, just drop me a comment or email. I'm feeling all bold and extroverted!


  1. Wow my jealousy knows absolutely NO end to know you and Tam and that delicious child of hers will be meeting up. Oh dear hell.

    It sounds like your trip is just delightful. I hear Seattle is SUPER on the way between such places. It's just the loooooong route. Liam and his spoons miss you. xoxoxo

  2. isn't the internets great?

  3. Have I mentioned that I'm squeeing over our upcoming visit?!

  4. Maybe we could meet up!

  5. Ohhhh I am so jealous, you huzzy!!!!!