Friday, August 15, 2008


When we bought our house, my mom told me that I could have her piano to trade in toward a new one. I told her I didn't want a new one, I wanted the one I've played all my life. Today, finally, the piano moved in:

It's not really in tune, and I don't know for sure if every piano actually sounds different, but when I played it after the movers left, I couldn't imagine playing anything else. I'm not a really mushy person, but I nearly teared up with happiness when I heard this sound from my childhood in my own house. Cheesy, I know, but it is what it is.

So what do you say, J-Dog...want to pick a song to play together at Thanksmas this year? I should have plenty of time to practice.

November 1981


  1. I know how you feel about the piano. Mine was handed down from my great-grandmother to my grandmother. When I wanted to take lessons, she gave it to my mother. When I moved into my own place, Mom gave it to me.

    I continued to play it for almost 10 more years. By that time it was almost 90 years old and needed too many repairs to make it worth spending the money.

    I hope you enjoy yours for many more years.

  2. Wow. That is so neat. I love that your mom shared it with you and that you value it so much to keep it in a prized place in your home. So Freaking Cool.

    I hope it fills your home with joy and music throughout your marriage.

  3. I especially like that you have a photo of you and the piano on the piano :)

  4. That is so cool about the piano. :) Glad you're back, we missed you. Clara Bow sends pounces to Indy (she wishes he was closer so she could play with him, as he sounds fascinating).

  5. Indy would LOVE to meet Clara and Mack! He would be beside himself with joy.

  6. song at thanksmas? ummm sure? LOL... even though I haven't picked up my fiddle in... months... I could probably still figure out how to play one song....