Sunday, September 07, 2008

That would be a 'trebuchet'

This evening I attended a birthday party for my cousin Amethyst's daughter Pie, who just turned six. I was trying to convince Pie that my present would be the best, since I got her broccoli and a miniature cow. (Ok, not really, but it was fun to pretend.)

other cousin Sunny:  I think Amethyst's present will be the best. She got Pie a bike.

VBG:  Yeah, that will be pretty hard to beat.

cousin-in-law Dave:  I got her a flamethrower.

VBG:  That would pretty much trump all presents, ever.

Amethyst:  Unless you got one of those things...what are those things? You know, that they use to throw cows?


  1. didn't you buy a miniature trebuchet the other day? now you can get together and throw the miniature cow. it's a perfect plan!

  2. COW-A-PULT!!!