Thursday, November 13, 2008

A fit of melancholy

I'm usually a pretty happy person, and I had a damn fine day today, but now at the end of it, I'm suddenly in the midst of a strange fit of melancholy. Perhaps it's the weather? After a fall season almost too beautiful and too prolonged to be hoped for, things are finally starting to turn towards winter. It rained for three days solid, and then today the sun was back but most of the leaves have turned brown or fallen, so the magic of my favorite season is starting to fade.

It was raining hard enough yesterday to deprive Indy of his two daily walks, so I took him out for a longer ramble than usual this afternoon. Early in the trek, we ran into a Border Collie named Rocky, and since he and Indy had met before we stopped to say hello. I ended up chatting with Rocky's self-proclaimed mamaw, who had the same accent as MB's family, which instantly endeared her to me. I should've asked her if she hails from Muhlenberg County, but I didn't. Indy and Rocky played together for a bit, as best they could with Indy still on his leash. I would've liked to let them run around, but Indy isn't reliable enough on his recall to be let off leash, especially in the middle of a city neighborhood. The other night I told someone that I think the dog has more friends in the neighborhood than we do, and I think it might be true. He's just got the right personality for it. And the looks, of course.

I went out with the bibliophile and evilducky for a late dinner and a little shopping. I probably should feel victorious for finding a new bra and two pairs of jeans for myself and a pair of khakis on clearance for MB, but I found clothes shopping / trying-on / agonizing over to be more exhausting than usual. Also, it seems like all the jeans that are out now are cut to be worn with heels, so even though I have disproportionately long legs, the hems touch the ground when I'm wearing flat or short shoes. I suppose it's better than going around in high waters, but I'm a bit too old to have the hems on my jeans all frayed out from walking on them. Also, even though I've come to accept the fact that my days of being effortlessly thin are behind me, I still find it disconcerting to face my flab under the unsympathetic lights of the dressing room. My body doesn't really look like mine sometimes, and that's a weird feeling. Of course, that's only going to get worse if I get my way and get knocked up in the next few years. Scary thought!

The cat has been kind of awesome these past few days. He's still a fuzzy jerk, don't get me wrong, but I'm typing this with him tucked under my right arm, snuggled all up against my side. He sat this exact same way last night, too. NaBloPoMo, now with cat sidekick!

Wow, this entry kind of fell apart halfway through, didn't it? Hmm...not sure how to fix it, so I think I'll just post it and then pass it off as artistic stream of conscious writing if anyone asks.

Here's a cool mixtape widget I stole from Alyndabear:

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  1. Anonymous1:40 AM

    Oh how I adore Anna Begins. Second best counting crows song EVER!