Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just call me Spaz McGee

Okay, so does anyone else have feast-or-famine library book problems? It seems like I've either got nothing to read, or piles and piles of books. Because of this, I sometimes bring a book home, keep it for three weeks, use up my two allowable three week renewals, and still have to return the poor thing unread. My good friend the bibliophile works at the local library, and she often acts as Library Fairy for the rest of us, putting books on hold that she thinks we'd like. Ages ago, she put All the Clean Ones Are Married on hold for me, and I didn't get around to reading it. She must've been confident that I'd like it, because she sent it over again recently. It sat on my book stack for a few weeks while I read a few other things. I took it to work today and started it on my lunch break, and was immediately hooked. Another score for the Library Fairy!

After work, I went by the library to drop off a big stack of books I'd finished. I also had to find a place to buy firewood and pick up some stuff for cooking tomorrow, so my mind was not supremely focused on what I was doing. I read while I waited for the last of my coworkers to leave, then set the alarm and headed for my car. I had two books in my hand when I got in the car:


When I got to the library, I grabbed Larry and the Meaning of Life and my bag of books, went inside and picked out a few more books, and returned what I had with me. I drove to a gas station near our regular grocery store, went inside and paid for a rack of wood, and came back out to move my car over to the firewood. As I went to put the car in gear, I looked down and saw Larry and the Meaning of Life sitting there on the tray between the seats. CRAP. In the dim library parking garage, I'd grabbed the wrong white-covered book to return.

I called the library, and even though official policy is that a returned book has to sit on the shelf for 24 hours before the same person can check it out again, the clerk said I could have it back if she could find it. I got my groceries and went back to the library, but alas...they had not been able to locate my mistakenly abandoned book. Weepcakes! Luckily I have other books waiting in the wings, but still...bummer!

And, just because it made me laugh:

Reading:  All the Clean Ones Are Married by Lori Cidylo  Deerskin by Robin McKinley

Playing:  Gregory Alan Isakov and the Decemberists


  1. I have always tried to keep a stash of books to read- I feel like a squirrel - not happy unless there is a stockpile! There is a little used bookstore here where I have about $200 in trade in credit for books and that makes me feel more book secure.

  2. Oooh, I own that Lori Cidylo book and it *is* good! I hope they can find it for you!!