Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I have to do a lot of research for my job, and in the course of my Googling, I find all manner of bizarre things. Yesterday, I was looking for examples I could use to teach kids how to make shadow puppets. I assumed I'd see lots of dogs, some ducks, maybe a bird or two. Instead, I found a ridiculously awesome shadow puppetry guide, originally published in 1859. These aren't shadow puppets so much as Victorian gang signs.

Camel! In your face!

Bitch, please! Squinty-eyed deer!

Disapproving rabbit!

Elephant! Oh...what now?!

YOUR MOM, that's what's next.


STFU, little kid. BIRD IN FLIGHT!

I'm gonna choke out your bird.


Angry bear!

Pissed-off miniature dachshund with short-man syndrome!

Oh, yeah? Well, here's...take a...I've got...shit. I give up.

Reading  Rocket Man by William Elliott Hazelgrove

Playing  Pearl Jam radio on Pandora

Graphics from Hand Shadows by Henry Bursill, published in 1859 by Griffith & Farran, corner of St. Paul's churchyard


  1. Those are freaking awesome!

  2. I've got a shadow puppet for that kid. A single fingered salute.

  3. Sweet header, by the way!

  4. All I thought when I saw the bunny was "Do deformed rabbit. It's my favorite."

  5. Oh, good God, these are GREAT!!!

  6. I cannot stop laughing!!!!

  7. Popping over to say thanks for the visit to my blog but now I'm totally trying to make shadow puppets on my wall. Apparently I am easily influenced. I will say though that my elephant is looking slightly p0rn0graphic on my wall. Maybe if I put his trunk down. Well anyway. Thanks again for the visit. Great blog you have here!

  8. Why are they choking that bird?? Or am I the only one perplexed by that?
    Also, I tagged you veloci, so pop over to mah blog if you want and see what's up. Don't worry, you can ignore it if you want to. :P

  9. you have to cut off your hand to do some of these but it is totally worth it.
    i posted this on indiecraft: