Friday, December 19, 2008

Things I did today:

>> changed the sheets

>> flipped the mattress (freaking the hell out of the dog in the process)

>> finished up the last of the laundry

>> procured a super sweet convertible high chair for future spawnling via freecycle (it just needs a new seat cover). (There should be photos of this, but my camera has suddenly decided it doesn't want to speak to my computer. *sigh*)

>> took the dog on an outing to celebrate his birthday

>> finished addressing / preparing the last of our Christmas cards

>> procured a heating pad thingie for MB's achy back

>> cleaned out the fridge

>> washed the dishes

>> baked one batch of my grandma's skillet cookies, one batch of sugar cookies, one batch of cherry chip cookies, half a batch of chocolate chip / walnut cookies, and a pan of brownies

>> prepared the dough for a half-batch of butterscotch chip cookies

>> washed the dishes again (because as much as it sucks to wash dishes directly after baking for ten hours, it sucks more to wake up to a kitchen full of dirty dishes)

Things I did not do, and thus must do tomorrow before we leave at 1:00 to go visit MB's family:

>> bake butterscotch cookies

>> make a sweet potato casserole

>> wrap Christmas gifts

>> sweep the floors

>> write the dog's birthday blog entry

>> take care of 1 - 3 other writing items that are waiting somewhat impatiently on my to-do list

>> finish four more of this year's homemade Christmas ornaments

>> tidy up the house, which has somehow managed to breed 1700 piles of clutter since it was pristine for Thanksmas v.1.0 last weekend.

>> pack


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