Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm in ur chats, talkin dirty

vbg:  May Day is a good holiday, too
in a semi-related note, good Lord ancient myths are ALL ABOUT TEH SEX

Tam:  or death
sexxing and dying

vbg:  I'm trying to find egyptian myths about the stars, and everyone's a pervert


vbg:  something about Seth wanted to have sex with Horus
so Isis said, go ahead, but steal his sperm
and so Horus "pretended" to have sex with Seth and caught the semen in his hand

Tam:  yup

vbg:  and then Isis cut off Horus's hand
threw it in the river
made a new hand
jerked off HER SON

Tam:  always puts me off the name Seth

vbg:  took HIS semen

Tam:  as you do

vbg:  and put it on Seth's lettuce
and then he ate the lettuce
(not a euphemism)
and got pregnant
and then birthed the sun disk out of his head
to which I say, "Please pass whatever you were smoking, ancient Egyptians"

there is something sort of hilarious about the fact that she put the illicit sperm on the dude's LETTUCE PATCH, though

Im in ur lettis patch, plantin stolen seed

Tam:  I feel I should warn you that I have just called my husband in here so he could read your entire conversation

vbg:  ROFL
he'll be traumatized
stay away from the lettuce, Mr. Tam!

Tam:  everything from 'I'm trying to find Egyptian myths about the stars' down to 'stolen seed' needs to be a blog entry

just copy and paste

vbg:  Just so.


  1. We started seeds yesterday. Now I am super extra glad we didn't plant any lettuce.

  2. This is why I don't chat. I couldn't possibly live up to this level of funny. Though there was this one instance of Facbook status comments that was 26 long between three of us and covered gangstas, body removal, Jane Eyre and voodoo dolls, so I suppose it's still a possibility.

    And now I'm rethinking my salad for dinner plans.

  3. Good stuff! Especially before 7 am. LOL!!! I think I'll pass on salad for lunch as well.