Thursday, February 05, 2009

It's the little things

At the apartment building we used to live in, a family down at the far end had one of those goose statues that you can dress in specially-made outfits. Over the year or so that our lives overlapped, I fell in love with that goose. I'd walk by it on my way to take the garbage out, and every time the goose's outfit changed, it made my whole night. I finally got brave enough to start sneaking photos of it, though several were taken before we got our digital camera.

If memory serves, when we moved into the building in May, the goose was decked out in a sundress and yellow bonnet. For the Summer, she changed into a -- no lie -- pink bikini. I'm pretty sure that's when she won me over for good. Somewhere I have a printed photo of her in her bathing suit. She had a harvest-print cape for Fall, and then this:

I don't recall a Valentine outfit, and the next time she appears in my photo folder from that year, she's wearing this:

Shortly after this, someone in the goose's household graduated from high school, and she represented proudly in a cap, gown, and "Class of 2006" diploma. Sadly, before I could snap a photo of her in her graduation outfit -- and before her bikini came out again -- the family moved away. I never met them, never even saw anyone going in or out of that unit, but I'll always be fond of them for filling my walk to the Dumpster with pure unadulterated awesome.

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  1. an old neighbor in my parents' subdivision had one of those, and i'd always slow down past her house to check it out. so cute!

  2. I used to do these drawings on this guy's whiteboard to this effect...every day was something else (being a group of college guys, most of them were wildly innapropes) and people would come out of their way to see what I had drawn that day...This should be it...