Monday, March 30, 2009


Anything I was going to say has been driven from my brain by the sheer awesomeness of this:

(Make sure you read the mouse-over text, too.)

To make up for laughing myself post-less, here's a fun and timesucking 90s lyrics quiz:

There's an 80s lyric quiz, too. I got a 53 on the 90s quiz, which is supposed to be harder, and a 54.7 on the 80s quiz. I was surprised I did that well, considering there are few 80s songs I listen to on purpose. Anyway, go forth and waste time, my friends!


  1. I got three answers right on the 80s-era quiz. I got one right on the 90s-era quiz.

    I listen to jazz and old blues.

  2. I'm not an aficionado or anything, but a guy I knew in college made me two mix CDs of old blues music and I love them. :)