Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I order all of my sandwiches with mayonnaise

Several of my blogfriends and Twitter peeps answered my plea and asked me questions to help me get past my writer's block. The Cheesefairy asked "mustard? mayo? both? neither? why?"

This question makes a lot of sense, knowing that the Cheesefairy is Canadian. I have heard that Canadians really like their mayo. I went to Canada once (well, twice) and much to my friend Rob's consternation, all the sandwiches on the menus automatically came with mayo. But I have to wonder, why would someone from the land of ketchup flavored chips only ask me about two condiments? It's a mystery.

So, I shall deal with her question and also address the ketchup issue.


No, thank you. I am not a mustard fan, other than in deviled eggs (NOM). It's always very disappointing when I ask for no mustard on a burger and get it anyway, because even when I scrape it off with a fry, I can still taste it. Blech.


Yes, please. I really like mayo, especially on cheeseburgers. When I get a red meat itch, I go to Wendy's and get a Jr. Cheeseburger with lettuce and mayo on it. Delicious. I'll also take mayo on a turkey sandwich, though ranch is also fabulous in that case. I have to say that I think dipping French fries in mayo is weird, but I guess I shouldn't judge since I haven't tried it.


The only thing I like to put ketchup on is French fries, and I'm really picky about my fries. I don't like them at most places, and where I do order them, they have to be just right -- crispy but not burnt, just salty enough. My sister makes up for my ketchup ambivalence. When she was a kid, she put ketchup on everything, up to and including mashed potatoes, macaroni & cheese, and peas.

I don't think I have any weird condimenting habits, though I married into a family that salts their lettuce and tomatoes.

Okay, y'all. Your turn. Mustard, mayo, and / or ketchup? Are there any weird combinations close to your heart and tastebuds?

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  1. my dad puts ketchup on mac and cheese, and also eggs, but never mashed potatoes. my brother has been known to take a burger with ketchup on it and dip it in ketchup. i hate the stuff with a fiery passion myself, though. don't like mayo, either.

  2. *Why* would anyone salt their lettuce....? ::puzzled:: Salting tomatoes definitely brings out the flavor in some varieties, so I can understand that one.

    I'm mostly a plain jane in the condiment area, however I do like a little Dijon or honey mustard on a provalone cheese sandwich at times. Mayo is only for my egg salad sandwiches. Ranch dressing is occasionally used on fries. 95% of the time I do not use salad dressing either, however I will occasionally use a nice raspberry vinagrette on my salad. Since I grow my own salad greens they are varied and tasty enough to not really need dressing.

    My stepdad is obsessed with pickles and ketchup, as is his younger brother. My mom buys both in big vats now that his brother lives with them (he's mentally disabled & needs to be cared for). If my stepdad goes all day without eating at least 2 or 3 pickles it is an obvious sign that he mut be sick. ;)

  3. I love mayo on sandwiches and burgers and hate when restaurants don't bring some on the side. And I LOVE a Wendy's burger with lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise. :)

  4. Bossy has taken to ordering mayonnaise and mustard and ketchup with her whatever. Waitresses, they love Bossy.

  5. You left out vinegar. Vinegar on chips... mmm.

    I'm also a big mustard girl - we have one right now which is French, honey and balsamic-based, and I can eat it straight out of the jar.

  6. Wow I had no idea you answered my question! I am so honoured!

    It's either / or for me because I was thinking of sandwiches. Most people (my son excepted) don't put ketchup on their sandwiches. I think when I asked you the twitter question my husband was making his lunch. He puts mustard AND mayo on his sandwiches and in a specific order too.

    I personally think mayo is of Satan. I also only like ketchup on fries and mcdonald's cheeseburgers. Generally I put hot sauce where people put ketchup. I guess it's like the sweet / savoury thing. I like salt&spice better than sugar.

    I love mustard. All mustard. The hotter the better.

    I used to eat ketchup chips like a mad demon when I was a kid but now they are kind of meh for me.