Monday, June 08, 2009

Let me count the ways

It sometimes seems trendy to bitch about one's significant other, and I am the first person to admit that sometimes you just need to vent, but today I feel like I need to sing my husband's praises a little bit.

On Saturday, he got up and took the dog and went out for donuts while I lazed in bed for an extra half-hour. Then, he came out to the garden to help me with the pain-in-the-ass fences for the climbing peas, even though it was hot and the garden is my pet project. (garden photos here, if you're interested)

On Sunday, he went with me to get some freecycle stuff on less than five minutes' notice. Even though it was even hotter, he mowed the front and back yards, and watered the garden for me. While I was in the air conditioning washing the dishes, he took the dog out back and gave him a bath. He went with me to the grocery and to Rural King to get topsoil and a hose reel, and suggested that we make a side trip so that Indy could come along.

And tonight he and BoMB grilled yet another ridiculously delicious dinner on our little backyard grill.

Each item in itself is kind of inconsequential, but I think most people will agree that all together, they make for some severe kickassery.

Reading:  Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver

Playing:  Play by Moby


  1. its important to appreciate the little things, for sure! :)

  2. Serious kickassery, yes!! If they made more husbands like that I might be tempted to abandon my single life and go out in search of one. I think they broke the mold when they made MB, though.

  3. I hate those kind of posts - bitching about husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend. So kudos for taking the high ground!