Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Phoning it in

I had grand plans to write something fancy here tonight, but then we spent almost an hour after dinner trying to buy cat litter and a birthday present for my dad. We went to three stores, one in a different town, and came home empty handed. We watched the Will Ferrell / Bear Grylls Man vs. Wild special to soothe our wounded pride, and by the time that was over it was bedtime. are five things that have made me happy lately:

1. Today I was driving home and ended up behind a truck. Inside the truck was a big mutt dog, mostly German Shepherd colored, but with floppy ears. He kept sticking his head out the window and letting the wind blow his ears straight up, then ducking back into the truck for a few seconds, and then popping his head back out. I couldn't help but grin.

2. My officemate and I had a long discussion about movies with kickass endings today, and it made me remember how much I love The Usual Suspects. Need to watch that again soon.

3. MB and I went out for dinner at a sit-down restaurant tonight for the first time in...a long-ass time. It was really nice, and the food was delicious.

4. Speaking of my dad, he's been looking at options for part-time jobs since he's retiring in October. For one of the jobs he applied for, he needed an email address. My parents do not have internet at home, and have really hardly used the internet at all even outside the house. My dad has been known to call me to ask if "when I get some time" I can look up directions to this place or that. And he's always amazed when I have an answer for him before the phonecall even ends. Dad is unaware of the power of Google.

One day recently, he called and left me a voicemail with his address, and the next day the bibliophile told me she'd seen him at the library where she works. "Apparently your sister has the job of teaching your dad to use email," she said, in the tone of one who knows what it's like to deal with an internetally unsavvy parental unit. Dad seemed quite pleased to have an email address, though, so I sent him some photos from the turtle rescue. I figured that was a pretty good way to welcome him to the neighborhood.

5. And here's a song that I had forgotten about, but which rocks.


  1. Number one would have made me happy too.

  2. How could you forget that song!