Sunday, August 02, 2009

August and everything after

I never meant to slip into such a sporadic posting routine, but such things happen. In part I blame the baby, since I used to do most of my blogging after 10 PM, and now I'm usually in bed by then. Also, even thought I don't think I'm too baby-obsessed, I always promised myself I wouldn't turn the blog into the All Baby All the Time channel as soon as I got knocked up. Therefore, on days when I'm solely thinking about all things infant, I feel like I should spare you guys the schmoop and not post anything. (If you're wishing for more schmoop in this space, please let me know. I'm sure I can oblige.)

In the meantime, I caved to MB's wishes and we got the house painted. And he was right, it looks hinty quadrillion times better now:

before, with charmingly bare shutters

after power-washing, looking thoroughly disreputable


I've been trying to enjoy the company of this guy, who -- for the first time in forever -- acted solidly goofy about me changing the sheets the other day:

Other things I have done in the past month or so include having some really good times with my really great friends, seeing the Harry Potter movie twice, going on a wildflower hike, and taking a class about Monarch butterflies.

And yesterday, I took Indy to Petsmart to get a few things, and the rescue group that saved him from the shelter was there. I went over to say hello and got to reintroduce Indy to the same woman who signed him over to us the day we adopted him. Indy was very obliging and showed off a few tricks and the rescue ladies exclaimed over his performance and his shiny coat. I thanked them for saving him, and they thanked me for giving him a good home. I should've thanked Indy for being such an awesome dog, but I suppose I did that by buying him a bag of chewbones and two new toys. Sometimes I look at him and my heart leaps in my chest, and I'm overcome with how much I love this goofy, handsome, flop-eared dog.


  1. Your house looks fantastic! I love the color.

    You have a kitty burrito! We have one too. :)

    Indy is adorable. I love his ears.

  2. The house looks very nice :)... I love schmoop by the way. I have you on my google feed and read daily :)