Monday, October 12, 2009

some assembly required

This is why I laugh maniacally when people post on my BabyCenter board asking who has finished a nursery for the baby:

It didn't always look like this...I'm preparing for a yard sale this coming Saturday, and we also had to empty the attic last month to get new insulation added.

Here's a bunch of stuff that was in the baby's room until I moved it into the guest room and stuck price tags all over it:

black dog, size medium, definitely not for sale

Cross your fingers that we'll sell a ton of this stuff, if you don't mind. I'm hoping we'll make enough money that we can afford paint for the baby's room and maybe a few maternity shirts.

Speaking of maternity shirts, I went to JC Penney last night to see if I could find any good stuff on clearance after being tempted by a flier I got in the mail advertising a 75% off sale. JCP usually has really cute clothes, and my last three favorite pairs of pre-pregnancy jeans were from their A.N.A. line. But, dude. There was some serious fug going on in that clearance section. I will never understand why somebody is designing maternity tops with giant blousy sleeves. Because of course every woman who just gained 15 pounds of belly and thigh wants her arms to look blimpy as well, right? I should've taken a photo of the last shirt I tried on. It was a really gorgeous print with a flattering neckline and cut to a good length, completed by the most ridiculous billowy cartoony Shakespearian actor sleeves ever. Epically bad. It was such a cute start, too! Oh, well...I will keep looking (as long as we sell some yard sale stuff, that is). Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with the yard sale!

  2. Thanks! Unfortunately we're going to need it...the sunny forecast has abandoned us, and now there's a 30% chance of rain. We're putting the wares in the carport and garage, but I'm afraid no one will come to buy them :(