Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday bullet points

(Because I am lame late for bed already)

>> Our yard sale went pretty well. We had more or less steady traffic, and ended up making about $120, which shocked me considering how much crap we had to box back up and stick in the attic.

>> Thanks to the yard sale money, trips to three Goodwills, and a visit to Target, I now have five new shirts that will cover my expanding belly and two very long tank tops to wear under the shirts I already have that no longer do.

>> There's one benefit to the ridiculous amount of rain we've had so far this Fall -- the leaves are going crazy. Everywhere I go, I'm greeted by trees decked out in bright yellow, blazing red, and even the not-so-commonly-seen orange. It's pretty wonderful, and I'm going to have to find the time to get some photos before it's all over for the year.

>> Tomorrow marks the final week of a huge work project that I really wish I could blog about. It's been fun so far, but it's also a very good thing I work well under pressure.

>> The baby is getting more rambunctious by the day, and it was a shock to see myself in the changing room mirrors this weekend. In my mind's eye, I still don't look very pregnant, so suddenly looking quite pregnant is a bit of a surprise. I have to laugh when I remember worrying that I wouldn't have much of a belly by the time my baby shower happened. It's set for this coming Saturday, and I really doubt anyone is going to question my knocked-uppedness.

>> And finally, check out this awesome onesie that Norahs1213 sent for the brachiopod:

Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. My shower is this weekend, too! I also keep thinking that I need to take some autumny photos before it...GULP...snows but I can't seem to get my act together.

    Have fun on Saturday!

  2. The onesie is FAB! (This coming from someone who grew up in a state where jousting is actually the STATE SPORT. No joke.)

    I am unlucky enough to look knocked up as soon as I'm knocked up. I'm only 18 weeks, but I already look about 26! Blergh.

    Hope your shower is AWESOME! :)