Friday, January 22, 2010

One Week

I cannot believe it's been a week since this little guy was born:

I'm also completely behind and haven't written out his birth story. I wanted to have it up today for symbolic power and all that, but...uh...yeah.

"Mama, I'm shocked!"


  1. A week? Oh my! It DOES go fast. <3 He is just lovely! I can't wait to hear birthstory (I STILL haven't written Lily's in any proper manner though I have spilled it around enough it counts, right?) I want updates on how at home is doing and life with this new boy outside your guts works and how John is adjusting to daddyworld and how you are adjusting to mommyworld and all that good stuff!

    But the pics? Are definitely holding me until such a time as you have energy and minutes to write. Because he really is lovely!

  2. Seriously, consider me okay with the delay because the pictures as just melting me everytime I click over here :) I love the red hair too!

  3. He looks like a world champion snuggler - so cute!

  4. I'm glad I stumbled on this site. I love reading your blog. Your baby is awesome. How I wish I have one. Anyways, thanks for all the photos, makes me smile. Thanks again. :-)