Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More cowbell!

One of the most difficult consequences of a c-section - at least for me - is the weight restriction. Upon checking out of the hospital, I was firmly told that I wasn't to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds, including the carseat carrier with Nico in it, for six weeks. At first the most annoying thing about the restriction was having to ask for help with the laundry. Even after I felt fit enough to risk a few extra trips up and down stairs, I had to get someone else to carry the baskets of clothes to the basement for me.

Of course, the restriction also means I can't go out with Nico unless another person is present to carry his seat. MB has been great about taking us out on errands once or twice a week, but not being able to run out and pick up a gallon of milk or a library book without complex strategizing has been an adjustment. I suppose I could carry Nico's empty seat out to the car, then carry Nico out separately, but that just seems like a lot of work when I don't really have anywhere pressing to be most of the time. Plus, upon arriving at my destination, getting the stroller in and out of the car would definitely break the ten-pound rule. I'm very lucky to have parents who live nearby and are happy to help. Dad has driven over several times to pick up Indy for playdates with their dogs, and Mom is going with us to a babywearing class on Thursday and my six-week followup appointment with my OBGYN on Friday. And at that appointment, I'm hoping the doctor will lift the weight restriction so that all of this finagling is behind us.

The first week or two after Nico was born, I was too sore to be interested in going out much. Besides, he was eating every hour and a half, so we didn't really have much time. Once I started feeling better, the weather turned snowy and inhospitably cold, so that kept me from wanting to go out for another week or two. Lately, though, the cabin fever has started to set in, in a big way. Last Monday, my work friend Julia sprang us for lunch, which was awesome since I love Christopher Walken as much as the next girl, but I need a lot more than cowbell for this fever. Then yesterday my friend S came by and met us for another lunch out. Woohoo! Of course, each time I had my lunch date carry Nico out in his carseat. S and I went out the back door, and I guess it was the first time Indy had seen anyone other than MB carrying Nico in his seat. He was absolutely beside himself. Usually once he knows I'm leaving, he'll wait at the top of the back steps and watch me go. But when S stepped out the back door with Nico, Indy darted past me and placed himself in front of her on the sidewalk. He hovered there, shifting from foot to foot, whining and looking from me to the carseat, me to the carseat, like, Dude. Are you just going to let her walk away? ALERT, ALERT, SHE IS TAKING THE BABY! I finally convinced him to go back inside so we could leave, but I tell you what. You have NEVER seen a dog as relieved as Indy was when we came back from lunch and S returned Nico. He was all, Oh, thank God. I won't have to tell MB that I lost the kid. My house dog privileges won't be revoked!


  1. Awww! Protective dog is protective! It totally melts my heart when pets look out for babies like that.

  2. that is so adorable! they're SO going to be BFFs later.