Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's your name?

I discovered a small stash of 6 month size T-shirts in Nico's dresser, and since that's the size he's just barely still fitting into right now, I've been putting the T-shirts on him one after another so he at least gets to wear each one once. It wasn't so long ago that all these shirts looked comically large when I held them up to his chest. I snapped a photo of him this morning in his T-shirt of the day, and you guys...he looks like some kind of grown ass BOY all of a sudden instead of a pudgy little baby.

I'm not entirely sure I can handle this.

Oh, and his no-clothes dry-diaper weight this week (at two days shy of four months old) was 17 lbs 7 oz. Have mercy.

Reading:  Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout, for the Book Lushes

Playing:  the Into the Wild soundtrack by Eddie Vedder


  1. the shirt's adorable, but i have to ask you something. is the picture or do his jeans totally fit him like tiny hoodlum pants? because that would be lethally cute.

  2. It's mostly the picture, though they do sag on him a little. I wish I had a photo of him standing up, because they're so effin' cute. They're little perfectly-proportioned carpenter jeans, and I looooooooove them. Unlike most baby jeans, which look like baby jeans, these look like miniature grown man jeans.

  3. My grown-ass boy just turned ten. Nico? -- he's totally still a delicious pudgy baby and I NEED TO SQUISH HIM.