Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

I'm still using a loaner laptop and still not getting much sleep. I don't have any exciting news, but please enjoy the only existing photo featuring my kid's adorable teeth. He's now cutting his top two eye teeth in advance of his actual two front teeth. He'll have fangs by Halloween, I think. My mom says it's her fault because she's been calling him Zombie Baby for weeks due to the way he lurches at her and tries to chew on her arm.

For further enjoyment, my baby book nerd:

And finally, my new favorite Nico photo:


  1. With vampire books and TV shows so popular right now, fangs could be a definite social asset.

    Btw, my blog address has changed.

  2. Anonymous12:59 PM

    What a smile!!!