Monday, November 08, 2010


We spent the weekend at a cabin on the river with nine of our closest friends. We usually camp in the Fall, but this was the earliest weekend we could go and so it was (wisely) suggested that we skip the tents this year. For about the same price as a mediocre motel, we stayed in a renovated and expanded 1800s log cabin with a huge deck, a hot tub, and a killer view. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have friends who are more like family, because it's awesome. Most of us have been friends since high school, though we met J-Dog in college and I've known the bibliophile since Kindergarten. We played games, ate way too much food, talked, hung out in the hot tub, and went on a very nice hike. Everyone doted on Nico, who was on his best and most charming behavior all weekend. The weather was pretty much perfect, too. The only downside is that after looking forward to the trip for months, it went by in a flash. If I ever win the lottery, I'm booking a swanky house for an entire week and paying everyone to take a week off and hang out.

Cabin! (photo by Norahs1213)

our room, Nico & playpen for scale

hanging out on the deck

sunrise over the river

fog on the water

a perfect day

going for a hike

Nico in the baby backpack (He loved it!)


  1. D-AMN you got some amazing shots of the lake and scenery. I got a lot of good shots of Nico which I will email you in the next couple of days... so I guess I'm not a complete photo-loser. Really enjoyed hanging with everyone and getting to meet the little copper-haired man especially.

  2. Oh, cabin retreats! I miss THEM. So glad it was such a great trip!