Friday, March 04, 2011

Photo Friday: Resurrection

When I started posting weekly photos back in 2007, I hoped that making the effort public would motivate me to take more photos, to explore my abilities and the capabilities of my camera, and to consciously look for beauty in unexpected places. The project succeeded beyond my greatest hopes, and I carried my little point-and-shoot to Seattle, North Carolina, San Francisco, and out into my own city. I captured images that I'm immensely proud of to this day, including two that were featured in a juried gallery show (here and here).

After Nico was born, I fell out of the habit of taking pictures. I managed to keep the Photo Friday feature afloat due to the hundreds of photos I'd taken in years past, but eventually I found myself running out of old favorites with no new shots to take their place. I'd fallen victim to a rut of sorts, only feeling that my typical artsy-fartsy macro nature photos were good enough to post. Once I ran out of those, I didn't feel like the other things I had were worth sharing. So I let it slide, each month telling myself I'd pick it up the next month. Now it's been five months and I miss it. I miss taking photos; I miss the way things used to catch my eye; the way the world used to seem open before me, waiting to be captured.

And so I'm bringing it back. It's time. I'm pushing myself to not only take more photos but to expand my opinion of what counts as a good photo. If something is beautiful or makes me smile, maybe it doesn't matter if it's not the most amazing gorgeous thing in the world.

Reading:  The Stone Child by Dan Poblocki

Playing:  Greatest Hits...So Far! by Pink

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