Monday, April 11, 2011


We took an offset weekend (Sunday / Monday) trip to visit MB's family in the country. It was obscenely hot on Sunday (for April, anyway), but other than that it was a good time. Cell service is terrible down there, so I spent the weekend mostly unplugged. I tried checking Twitter once when we arrived at MB's grandparents' house, but realized it was futile after about fifteen minutes, chucked my phone into Nico's bag, and didn't dig it out again until right before bed when I remembered it needed to be charged. I got to enjoy good company, ate homemade dumplings and peach cobbler, and finished the Pioneer Woman's book, so I think that qualifies as an excellent weekend.

Nico spent his time being toted around, admired, and generally adored. He also was presented with his fourth ride-on toy. He already had a Mickey Mouse themed car, a minimalist but highly maneuverable red Radio Flyer thing, and a fire truck. Now he's added a John Deere ATV to his fleet. It's a little ridiculous and we probably should thin them out, but he seems to like all of them and I have trouble getting rid of things that were given to him as gifts. Two of them are at my parents' house and two of them are here, so for the time being I have decided that having two ride-on cars parked in the mostly-empty playroom is just fine.

Nico also got to see real chickens for the first time, and I'm happy to report that he recognized them from the photos in his books:

Edited to add one of my favorite Nico photos to date, taken by MB's cousin:


  1. A very good weekend.

  2. Your ginger haired Nico is beyond adorable. Pure sweetness. He has dark brown eyes. yes? Just like my boy. Ginger hair and brown eyes.
    Thank you for introducing yourself, visiting my blog, and of course for the kind comments.