Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hide & seek

So, I'm still trying to figure out how Memorial Day has already come and gone. This year needs to slow the hell down, man, is all I'm saying. We had a pretty fantastic holiday weekend. On Saturday my former officemate got married. The ceremony was lovely and the reception turned out to be way more fun than either of us expected. We loved the people we were seated with for dinner and there was an open bar. We were totally that table but when I made a joke about our table being the loud drunk table, the groom said, "You mean the fun table," so I think we're cool. This is going to sound impossibly cheesy, but the whole thing reminded me of all the things I love about being married. Oh! And the dress was serviceable if not the most fashionable thing ever worn, and the gorilla glue on my shoe held up perfectly. Unfortunately the part of the sole I hadn't glued down detached itself right as we walked into the dining room for dinner. Fortunately I had anticipated this very thing and had a pair of flipflops in the car. Sunday was my last day ever at my first real grownup job. I wasn't as sad about it as I expected, though maybe that'll come in time. Or maybe not.

On Monday we had our very first serious cookout in our backyard. There was potluck, including awesome desserts! There was cornhole! There were many friends in attendance! There were many cleaned and assembled yard toys, which Nico ignored in favor of trying to approach the grill and touching the trash can, the sharp-edged fence, and the plants that the dog pees on every day. And in place of my once-wee baby, there was this speedy toddler.

So far, summer, you're all right.

How about you guys...any fun weekend activities to report?

P.S. I have NO IDEA what the title of this post means. I fell asleep before I could think of one, then woke up an hour later, thought "Aha, perfect!" and published it. Apparently it made sense at the time.

Reading:  The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

Playing:  Showroom of Compassion by Cake

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  1. he looks as if he's enjoying the garden! What a lovely wee man!