Wednesday, July 06, 2011

We interrupt this unintended blog silence

to ask a question of the other socially awkward folks out there. There's a mom and dad at swimming lessons with a boy about Nico's age who have been really friendly for the past five weeks, to the point of always seeking us out to say hello and such. We haven't actually talked, other than to find out the names of each other's children, but they seem like they like us. Should I offer them my email address for future playdates at the last class next week? And why does this feel like dating?

Because on the one hand, I suppose if they think it's weird and stalkery for me to give them my email, I probably won't ever see them again. But on the other, what if they sign up for the next session too and it's all awkward? Seriously, though, who wouldn't want a playdate with this dude?


  1. Do it! Do it! It sounds like a perfect opportunity, you've had some time around each other, your kids have had time around each other, they seek you out...sounds like the perfect opportunity for playdate friends!

  2. yeah, this whole, meeting parents at swim lessons, karate lessons, girl scouts, school, parks, will get easier.

    i've never been more social in my life after having kids.

    so, go with it, hand out the email/phone and set up a playdate. it's amazing how easy it becomes and what a breezy experience it is.

    there is something about watching your kids while making small talk with other, taller people. it's undoubtably good for them but it's good for us too. us parents I mean.

    i know it's helped me a lot. when you hang out with other parents you discover things. like your not the only one that spends half your life on repeat (don't pick your nose, don't touch your winky, etc).

    and, you can talk about adult things, like movies and books. really, the interaction does help the soul!

    it's a good deal all around.

    might as well jump in since you've found a friendly couple. friendly couple with a kid your son's age.

    go for it!


  3. Maybe ask them if they'd be interested in having the kids play together, and if they seem open to it, offer up your email then.

  4. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Absolutely! I've been approached by other moms in this way when we/our kids have had much less interaction.

  5. Nico's too young to make moves. I guess it's up to you, mom.

  6. We met a lot of families from swim class and a play group we started. Some of them became lifelong friends. Some of those little toddlers are now parents and we've met THEIR babies!
    Casually ask if they'd like to have a playdate with the kids and have a picninc in a park.