Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm gonna start calling it Win-terest

A week or so ago a friend of a friend posted on facebook that she was going out over the weekend to buy an oil drip pan to use as a kid's magnet board. MB and I had decided only days before that we wanted to buy a magnetic dry erase board for Nico's playroom so he'd have a place to play with his letter and number magnets (we have a stainless fridge). Intrigued, I posted to request more info and she replied with a Pinterest link to this. My love for Pinterest is assured, now, because of how great this turned out:

We got the pan at Walmart for ten bucks. Ten bucks! The white board we considered buying last weekend was eight dollars and was only 16x20. The installation was a bit tricky because none of our drill bits were sharp enough to drill through the pan. MB ended up punching a starter hole with a nail and then tapping the screw in with a hammer to make the hole big enough.* He put a hole in each corner and then one at top and bottom center. We attached it to the wood paneling in the playroom, so we were able to just drive the screws directly into the wall. If you're attaching one to an actual drywall wall, you may want to look into drywall screw mount thingies or Velcro or hanging hooks or something.

I am totally pumped about this and so pleased that it worked out pretty much exactly as I envisioned. Nico seemed quite excited, too, and thus all the other photos I have of him trying it out are a little blurry:

Reading:  It Looked Different on the Model by Laurie Notaro

Playing:  The King is Dead by the Decemberists

*that's what she said


  1. Love it! Want one! Need a rec room I guess.