Thursday, September 01, 2011


The leaves are starting to fall from the trees at work, just a little. I know it's because it hasn't rained much and the trees are just thirsty, but it gives me hope that autumn is coming. Meanwhile, tomorrow's forecast high of 101 degrees laughs in my face.

Are you ever seized with random moments of regret for objects you let pass you by without snatching them up, or things you had but didn't hang onto but should've? I found an empty turtle shell once, the time I volunteered at my old beloved summer camp. I left it at my cousin's house in the country because it was still a little funky, and someone threw it out. Tonight, out of nowhere, I was filled with chagrin that I didn't just bring the shell home to my own house and leave it out in the yard somewhere until it was non-smelly. What a waste...I'll probably never find another whole shell like that again.

Nico knows all of the letters of the alphabet now, at least all the capitals. According to my mom, he repeatedly demands requests that she sing the "ay cee song" while pointing to the letters on his ABC puzzle. While she sings, he spins in a circle and then staggers like a very small drunk. When he's not making himself dizzy, he has learned to run across the house, tiny legs taking comically tiny steps. He can also walk backward and I know it's a cliche but, man...when did my bitty baby turn into this big, vibrant, beautiful, chattering boy?

I have three days in a row off with both my boys this weekend, for the first time in I don't know how long. We don't have any special plans for the weekend proper (see forecast temperature of 101 degrees), but on Monday we're taking Nico on his very first amusement park / water park trip. I'm pretty good at keeping my expectations in check and not getting bent out of shape when Nico is nonplussed by experiences I was sure he'd enjoy, but I really (REALLY) hope he likes it. Anyone else have fancy plans for the holiday?

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  1. Have fun at the waterpark! I took Leah and Rae to one last week and we FROZE! With the wind, the temp was probably only 15 or 16, not the 21 we were promised. We played in the water anyway. I hope Nico likes it. We are packing up and hitting the road tonight heading for Sudbury (about 6 hours away) for our annual Labour Day weekend of bbq/campfires/stargazing/
    softball/drinking/eating/loud music. Can't wait. Have a great weekend!