Monday, September 12, 2011

Things I learned this weekend

by velocibadgergirl, age 30

Wearing cute shoes is a good way to feel sassy.

Riding in a limo is fun even when you aren't drinking.

Drag shows are hella awesome.

Drag queens are so fabulous I can't stand it. Most can dance circles around me, and will be wearing amazing fuck-me boots while doing it.

When I dance to rap music, the resulting photos include slight but still-shameful Inadvertent Duck Face.

My friends are the raddest, most fun chicks a girl could hope to know. Love you guys!


  1. happy belated! you know you have good friends when they have incriminating evidence but choose not to use it against you.

  2. does it make you think "i wanna be a drag queen when i grow up, if only i wad the right equipment," or is that just me?