Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Falling for you

Is it really October already? Cliché ahoy, but Jesus, this year is flying. Fall is my favorite season by far, so I'm loving the crisp mornings, cooler weather, and perfect blue skies. After the brutal summer we had, Fall is just a little bit more wonderful than usual. I get to spend about half of my workdays outside this month and I'm really looking forward to it. The stars have been so clear at night over our backyard this past week or so, too. I didn't think I would, but it makes me miss teaching astronomy at my old job. Last night I stopped to look up at the Summer Triangle on my way back from taking out the trash and saw a meteor. I just hope I don't lose track of all the constellations I knew before Nico is old enough to share them with me.

October is apple cider season around here and man, I don't know what it is about that stuff. I could take or leave apple juice, but I have to have at least one jug of cider every autumn. I took Noah out for a street festival lunch this week and it was pretty great if not super healthy. I decided to pretend that sweet potato fries count as almost-healthy, mostly because it was so cute hearing him ask "Fwy? More fwy?" Apparently Nico is also VERY EXCITED about pumpkins this year. I didn't even know he was aware of the existence of pumpkins, but he was quite adamant about pointing them out to us at the grocery this past weekend. MB and I ended up taking turns walking up and down the produce section with Nico while he declared, "Yay, pum!" and pointed at all the pumpkins lining the aisle.

I was hesitant to spend five bucks on a smallish one when I'm hoping to take Nico to a pumpkin patch this year to acquire one from its natural habitat, but he was so very excited. I ended up letting him pick out a perfect little pie pumpkin for $2.50, and you guys. He was so happy. He carried it proudly to the cart, announcing "Nico een pum!" (Nico's orange pumpkin) and chucked it rather unceremoniously into the baby seat. Once we got home, I put the pumpkin on the dining room table so he gets to see it at meals. He continues to greet it cheerfully, so I think we're getting our money's worth.

October is apparently the crazy month at my new job. I thought May was pretty insane, seeing as we had 2100 kids go through on field trips alone that month, but my work friend told me, "If you don't quit in October, you won't quit." I do like a bit of action, so I'm not too scared, but I have to admit...four days in and it is pretty nuts around there. Ask me again in November, I guess.

Other than work, we've got a few fun Fall things planned. There will be hayrides at the park, possibly a pet parade, a trip to a pumpkin patch, and of course, Halloween. I have always loved Halloween, and Shauna's post over at Pickles & Dimes today has got me looking forward to it already. What about you guys...any fun autumnal plans?


  1. Oh, Nico and his pumpkin - so cute! I love that he greets it and talks to it.

    We went to a giant corn maze last weekend that was pretty fun. We got lost. (You were supposed to answer clues in order. I think there were 20 clues and we found maybe 5 before accidentally stumbling out of the exit. We even had a map!)

  2. Okay, I know a lot of cute kids, but he is REALLY FREAKIN' CUTE.

  3. "He continues to greet it cheerfully.." that made me laugh.

    I am hoping to go apple picking next weekend. My kids are super stoked about Picking Fruit since we got raspberries and blueberries this past summer. And we actually go through crap tonnes of apples in this house so it will be a useful and cost-effective endeavor.

    Other than that, surviving the rain and dark and augmenting the sugar consumption. Spiderman and Woody from Toy Story plan to own this neighbourhood come October 31.

    PS: Your child and October were MADE for each other, with that curly red hair and apple cheeks. OY!