Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Smartass in diapers

When Nico is doing something dangerous or Strongly Forbidden, I make a sharp "ah-ah-ah!" sound at him instead of shouting "No!" I don't know why, other than I want something very distinct and I mean business. I don't remember saying it tonight, but Nico was walking around earlier going "Mama ah-ah-ah. Mama ah-ah-ah." And okay, it was funny, but also kind of made me feel like a jerk because dammit, I don't even say it that often. So MB decided to help.

Nico: Mama ah-ah-ah.

MB: Say "Mama love-love-love"

Nico: Mama ah-ah-ah.

MB: Mama love-love-love

Me: Mama does love you.

Nico: Daddy love-love-love.

Me: Well, you can get your milk from Daddy's boobs tonight, buddy. See how that works out for you.

(Still accepting advice, too!)

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