Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Everyone hail to the pumpkin song

My favorite things about Halloween weekend:

1. the weather was perfect

2. Nico and his adorable costume

3. after the disaster of last weekend, we got this one right - enforced nap, snack at home beforehand, then outings…and no meltdowns, hallelujah. We went to the annual Halloween zoo walk with a friend and her toddler on Sunday evening and then went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood on Halloween evening.

4. the fact that quite a few houses had a separate bowl of little kid treats like animal crackers and Goldfish…if there'd been a way to identify them ahead of time, we probably would've only gone to those houses.

5. a big group of polite, funny teenagers hanging out on one lawn at what was obviously their own Halloween party, handing out candy to the little kids

Nico's favorite things about Halloween weekend:

1. an hour with the big playground at the park all to himself (which resulted in this, one of my favorite photos of Nico so far this year):

2. scoring no fewer than six packets of coveted animal crackers

3. going for a long walk in the neighborhood with me and his auntie

4. having his toddler mind blown by this white pumpkin

5. the construction equipment parked outside the zoo entrance


  1. i love that costume!

  2. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Absolutely, totally, awesome!

  3. What a great costume!

    Thanks for the tip on handing out animal crackers and goldfish crackers. I'm gonna do that next year for the little ones.