Monday, November 07, 2011

Stray dog strut

There's been a road crew working on the main road near our neighborhood for the past week, and on Friday after work I noticed they'd left their backhoe parked in the median of the boulevard where Nico and I go for walks. I took Nico down to see it as soon as we got home, since he's all about construction equipment right now. As we got close, two teenaged girls walked by with a gigantic yellow Lab mix following them. Seriously, this guy was a moose. His head was at Nico's face level, and Nico's almost 3 feet tall. As the dog galloped over to lick Nico on the mouth, the girls called out "That's not our dog, by the way!" and kept walking as the dog decided to follow us instead. The boulevard intersects with the really busy street right near where we were and it was rush hour, so I was really worried that he'd wander off and get hit. He had a collar but no tags. I didn't know what to do, other than maybe take him home and stick him in our backyard even though it would drive Indy bananas.

As I was trying to pull up the local classified ads on my phone to see if anyone had posted lost pet ad for him with a number I could call, this woman in a nice car stopped and rolled down her window to ask if it was our dog, since he was romping around her car as she sat there waiting to turn. When I said no, he came across with some girls who didn't claim him either, she pulled a U turn and parked. I told her I was trying to look up the ads and that he didn't have a tag. She opened her back seat and he jumped right in…she must've been a dog person anyway because she already had a bedsheet across her backseat. She said, "I'm not sure where to take him, but I guess I'll look online and see if anyone's posted anything."

About ten minutes later she drove by again and told me found the girls walking and they'd told her where the dog lives, so she was taking him home. Hooray! Sometimes people really are decent.

my kid, looking vaguely prizefighter-y


  1. Oh, I love that story! What a nice ending!

  2. OH, I'm so glad he found his way home. On Saturday, I took Shorty for a walk and as we headed home down our block, this black and white dog I've never seen before zoomed past us right into the busy street, where a car had to slam on its brakes to avoid hitting him. As I stared at him trying to figure out how to catch him while having Shorty with me, the dog kept sprinting across traffic and was about two blocks away before I could even blink. I don't know who he belonged to, but I hope he made it home in one piece.

    Nico DOES look like a miniature Rocky Balboa in that picture - cute!