Monday, December 12, 2011

This post is useless without pics

I'm still running around busy and panicking about Christmas, so here are some photos:

We had Nico's Christmas pictures taken on Sunday, and I think this one is my favorite. Some strange combination of camera settings and lighting just blew the color of his hair completely out, and combined with that sneaky little smile…love it. If he didn't have his hand in front of his face, I'd probably use this for our Christmas cards.

My goofy kid at lunch today. I swear, I do comb his hair. Perhaps he does need an intervention.

Nico and the Eyebrows of Deep Concern, featured with the wonderful Santa who tours the local libraries every year. I'm happy Nico isn't screaming his fool head off, and also that we managed to get a good picture of him on my lap sitting beside Santa after this.

pretties received as part of the Jett Superior Ornament Exchange (and please go read this for a laugh)

The most aesthetically perfect cheesecake I've ever produced, baked for MB's birthday. It made me a little sad to cut it.

Reading:  The Big Year by Mark Obmascik

Playing:  Christmas music, mostly


  1. Amanda7:23 AM

    I cannot get over the color of that kid's hair. It's amazing.

  2. That is a beautiful cheesecake. I would totally have photographed it, too.

    Eyebrows of Deep Concern -- YES.